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Craft accessories and useful tools.

Magnetic Bowl

Magnetic Bowl - £4.95 or 3 for  £10.00
A useful practical, little dish which stores metal objects such as paper clips, screws, sewing needles, brass coins etc;

Magnetic Pick up Tool

Magnetic pick up tool - £4.95 or 3 for  £10.00
A great little devise which retrieves many objects such as pins, needles and even screws and keys from inaccessable places.

Magnetic Bowl
Magnetic Pick up tool
Jewellers Loupel

Jewellers Loupe
10 times magnification £12.95
20 times magnification £16.95

Scissors Sharpener

Scissors sharpener - £2.95 or 2 for £5
Unique practical tool which easily sharpens most household and craft scissors.

Jewellers Loupe
Scissors sharpener

Thread Snips - £2.00 or 3 for £5.00
Handy snips with safety cover. Ideal for trimming loose ends.

Thread Snips
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